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It is deliciously ironic that I have become a full-time writer.

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I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was still in middle school. Starting when I was 10 or so, I spent an hour every night handwriting a novel in a series of red notebooks. But I knew that being a novelist was a terrible career choice — for every rich and famous author like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, there were tens of thousands who never make a dime.

Being a full-time writer was almost impossible, and I knew it. I had to get a job so I could write on the side.

So I went to…

The outcome of the trial could not have been much better

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On January 6, 2021, a Trump rally led to his supporters storming the Capitol Building while votes were being counted. Democrats accused Trump of inciting an insurrection. The House of Representatives impeached him. 43 Republicans then refused to convict Trump in the Senate trial and he was acquitted, clearing the path for him to run for office, again.

Lots of Democrats are shaking their fists in frustration. But the outcome of the Senate trial is the best thing that could have happened for them.

House Managers Showed That Trump Was Guilty for All to See

In their 16 allotted hours of prosecution, the House managers painted an astoundingly damning scene. …

No one bothers hiding their political agenda behind arguments and reason anymore

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Political hackery is the unprincipled advocacy of a political agenda or the pursuit of raw power, and boy has it turned a corner in the last decade. Gone are the good old days of politicians getting dragged through the mud for “flip-flopping” or changing their personal convictions. Gone even are the days of hiding hackery behind a façade of semi-reasoned thinking.

Nowadays, political hackery has become so ubiquitous that it is par for the course. It is expected. It is flaunted as loyalty. …

Their flawed concept of evidence makes them immune to reason

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Any liberal who has tried to argue with a Trump supporter has a story to tell.

My favorite is when a friend of a friend who worked in a fire department told everyone that we should “reopen the country” and “try for herd immunity” from the coronavirus. The “debate” that we had went as follows, verbatim:

Me: That would be inhumane.

Him: Then why don’t fire fighters have to follow COVID protocol?

Me: Are you saying that the virus doesn’t exist?

Him: Why don’t fire fighters have to follow COVID protocol?

Me: Are you saying that it doesn’t exist?


You can tell from what they’re not saying

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It’s hard to tell which is more disturbing. On the one hand, you have 6 Republican Senators and 121 House Representatives who insisted on claiming, without evidence, that the 2020 election was fraudulent, even after the Capitol building was stormed by a like-minded mob. On the other hand, you have Republican politicians calling, en masse, for “unity” after the insurrection attempt by their followers failed.

Even if it is less disturbing, the calls for unity are far more dangerous.

As you read this, members of far-right paramilitary groups like the Proud Boys are actively planning attacks on the U.S. Capitol…

In agony after your first “get back in shape” workout? Yeah, that was me

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That’s right, the Nickel Sock Fairy — the Tooth Fairy’s cousin. While she takes baby teeth and leaves petty cash, I remind adults of their physical limitations.

Like her, I show up in the middle of the night.

Unlike her, I’m there because you just did an ill-advised workout. While she’s in a tutu and has a magic wand, I’m in military boots and I’ve got a tube sock filled to the elastic with nickels. She flicks her wand and turns molars into quarters. I wind up into a full-armed swing and just bludgeon people.

I’m looking at you, Mr…

The radical commie leftist Deep State didn’t stop me, this year

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The wrapping paper covers the floor and the kids and the dog are sleeping on it, unconsciously clutching their new toys as if they could be taken from them at any moment. The wife’s in the kitchen and I’m in the recliner with my eggnog, just beaming ear to ear at the ceiling in relief.

Finally, just finally, we could celebrate Christmas! It’s 2020, and for the first time in living memory — for the first time, ever — the radical commie leftist Democrats weren’t able to stop us from celebrating this sacred holiday.

Thank you, First Amendment and thank…

Trump supporters want to isolate themselves by seceding, and I want them to, as well

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Joe Biden may have won the election, but it came with an uncomfortable truth: 47% of Americans — over 74 million of them — still preferred Donald Trump. This, in spite of the laundry list of reasons to suspect that he is either demented, criminally active, immoral, corrupt, compromised by Russia, fascist, wearing a wig, or some combination thereof.

Liberals have tried reasoning with Trump supporters, but they have proven immune to facts. We have tried laughing at them, but they have proven to be shameless.

As they rage against election results that threaten to shatter their fantasy world, Trump…

Reality happened and they did not like it

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As soon as Twitter started flagging Donald Trump’s tweets as “misleading” or “disputed,” his ardent followers flocked to a new safe space: Parler. Like Twitter, but with even fewer rules about hate speech or disinformation (and with a terrible interface), Parler quickly became the echo-chambers of echo-chambers — a place where right-wing conspiracy theories could spread like COVID in the White House.

So when the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear a baseless lawsuit filed by Texas against the four swing states that gave the 2020 election to Joe Biden, everyone on the platform became a constitutional…

“Stop talking. You’re making the rest of us stupid.”

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In law school, I had a professor that seemed to go out of his way to check off the stereotypes that came with his position. He was opinionated. He was controversial. He was hated by a significant portion of the student body. He was demeaning. He was in the throes of a divorce case with another law professor that would last over 17 years.

And he was outrageously quotable.

Those quotes were exactly what made him controversial in the classroom. They were demeaning and offensive. Many of them bordered on harassment. They made people cry. …

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